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    • Release date: 2012-07-06
    • Label: Kindle Creek LLC
    • Catalog #: JMPSNG2012
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      I’ll never forget the way he was lookin’ at me,
      He had the biggest frown I ever saw, I was just thirteen.
      That farmer said, “Boy yer hair’s too long, you got holes in yer jeans.”
      Then he handed me a shovel, said, “Git diggin’ on the double, and don’t be back talkin’ me!”

      And when I say Jump, you say, How High?
      Don’t be spoutin’ off no silly questions, no, don’t ask why.
      And when I say that little mouse over yonder, can pull that wagon of hay up the hill,
      Well don’t doubt me boy, just go find me a harness.
      Are you here, still?

      Now I’ve got two young boys of my own.
      To me the sun rises and sets, with those little ones,
      But if I catch ‘em slackin’ on their chores,
      Well I grab ‘em by the ear and say, “Now sonny, listen here, you ain’t gonna’ slack no more!”


      Don’t be slackin’, No talk backin’ now.
      Don’t be slackin’, No talk backin’ now.
      We’re both goin to the doctor when I’m through,
      You for an operation, and me to get back my Boot!
      When I say Jump, when I say jump, when I say jump, jump, jump.


      “Tiny little itty bitty harness”
      Are you here? (3 part harmony)
      Are you here still?

      Lyrics Hurst
      Music Kindle Creek


    It’s a four minute party you’ll never want to end. Kindle Creek pulls out all the stops in this roaring tribute to life on the farm, and the old man that kept it going. Whether you lived it or not, you’re sure to laugh out loud at the salty idioms this old farmer tosses around. This truly is country rock at its finest.