Kindle Creek is a group of world class performers with an award winning sound unlike anything you’ve heard before.  They are also hard working every day guys. There is an honesty and passion in their music that only comes with real life experience. They’re not supermodels, or glamour boys, but they put on a show you won’t forget.  Based in Utah, they have fast become a favorite in the local country music scene.  And there is no telling where these boys are headed.



It’s all about great music.  They aren’t out to change the world, though it could happen.  They aren’t on a quest for fame or fortune, though they won’t complain if they find them.  They are out to write great music that picks you up, dusts you off, and put’s you back in the game.  



 Dillon Hurst: Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar

Dillon started performing at a very young age and brings a lifetime of experience to the stage.  But this is no stage brat. From farming, to football, to finish carpentry, he’s done it all. Although his folks might tell you he was better at football than farming.   In both his performance, and his writing, he has the gift of weaving a story that becomes yours.   From the moment he takes the stage he keeps you with him through every high and low.  Dillon blends just the right amount of strength and clarity with enough salt and grit you know he’s real.  His range and depth never quit.  Seriously, never.  This is the guy you have in mind when you say you wish you could sing.


Bryce Jensen: Drums

Bryce’s love of percussion started at the ripe old age of, birth.  After experimenting with multiple instruments as a child, it became clear he was meant for one thing.  Drums.  He’s the guy you see tapping out a beat on a restaurant table, a garbage can, or even his wife’s lap.  Be patient with him.  He is trying to get that under control.  He also has a knack for writing.  The band often calls him the Word Smith.  He just seems to know how to put words to what the rest of us are feeling.  If finding the right words is the trick, he’s got the touch.

Jordan Hess: Violin/Mandolin

So how did a kid from Modoc Indiana end up fiddling with Kindle Creek? Well, it started with a family that shared a passion for music. His classical training began at just five years old. His craft has been a life long pursuit. It was a pretty short jump to Celtic, bluegrass, and of course, Jimi Hendrix. And he doesn’t just dabble folks. Few people devote themselves to mastering their instrument. But even fewer devote themselves to mastering its creation. Jordan began an apprenticeship to the art of violin making in Indianapolis at 15 years old. After three years he came west to train at the Violin Making School of America, one of the finest institutions in the world. His violins are nothing short of majestic, which is also a fairly good description of his playing. He is no stranger to the stage, and has even spent time trading chops with the legendary Vince Gill. If you ask his mom, she’ll tell you his music comes from the depths of is soul. It is simply him. And every note is like a prayer, except maybe the Jimi Hendrix stuff anyway.


Kellen Tew: Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals

Kellen started his career as somewhat of a closet musician.  No seriously, he would sneak into his parents’ room, hide behind the suits and dresses, and teach himself chords on his dad’s guitar.  His love for the instrument led him to a life of performing, and an eight year bachelor’s degree in music.  Who knew a music degree took eight years?  The arrival of Kellen on the scene also marks a significant milestone for Kindle Creek.  No longer can the band claim they are not supermodels, or glamour boys.  Just look at this guy.  Fortunately, a pretty face is not all Kellen brings to the KC line-up.  He draws from a broad range of musical influences, from classical, to metal, and everything in between.  He’s the latest addition to Kindle Creek, and he brings enough drive and energy to launch the band into orbit.